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"Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me." - F. Scott Fitzgerald.
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Grand Hotel Casino

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Where better to begin our magazine style expose on the Rich Person's Casinos is Millionaire Casino. Visit a Millionaire Casino

Once upon a time, casinos were places you flew to, drove to or took a train to. In the not very distant past, you had to book a hotel and make a whole vacation out of gambling in a casino. It was a pretty big deal and a pretty expensive deal, too. Despite the expense, though, people flocked to places like Las Vegas and, in fact, the Strip is still thriving. Nonetheless when it comes to convenience you can't compare playing the slots in a real casino to playing in an online slots casino. Real casinos are fun and there are aspects of a land-based casino that can't be replicated online. But online casinos are at your fingertips and that makes all the difference.

Online gambling, which is only about 10 years old, took the industry by storm. The Internet reaches out to millions of people that could never reach a real casino. People who never even gave gambling a second thought, gave online casinos a look and then played their first online kasino spiele and then their second and are now fans for life. Playing in an online casino is not just about money and gambling and risking. Given the number of people who play for free, it's clear that online casinos are about entertainment - they're all about having a good time.

There's so much to do and see and learn in an online casino. Because of their size, online casinos can fit hundreds of games, articles, guides, lists and more. What online casino gambling may lack in atmosphere, it more than makes up for with everything else it offers. You won't get the free drinks or a chance to admire the waitresses, but you'll get way more slots than fit on a real casino floor and more chances to win jackpots and play blackjack and poker and roulette and keno and scratch cards and craps and every other game under the cyber sun. Online casinos are user-friendly and they welcome veterans and newbies alike. Come give online gambling a try.

Golden Reef Casino

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